Director: Jack Mergist
Executive Producer: James Rust
Director of Photography: James Terry
Writer: Daxson Hale
Concept by: Jack Mergist, Daxson Hale, Jared Gay
Recordist: Mike Fugal
Production Design: Jen Paul
Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe: Sarah Bult
1st AD: James Rust
1st AC: Brenna Empey
2nd AC: Riqué Carroll
Gaffer: David Thorpe
Scriptee: Nicole Sheahan
Craft Services: Brock Arnold
Dog Wrangler: Mandie Knudsen
Set Construction: Nat Reed
Construction Assistants: Brock Arnold, James Rust, Riqué Carroll, James Terry
Production Assistant: Sebastian Meyer, Maddy French
Editor: Jack Mergist
Illustrations: Iana Harsono, Jake Kongaika
Motion Graphics: James Terry
Colorist: James Terry
Post Audio: Jack Mergist
Music Composition: Jack Mergist
Behind the Scenes: Jared Gay and Sebastian Meyer

Spokesperson: Lauren Call
Vet: Erica Rascon
Beans: Zoey


Vetary Behind the Scene


Written by James Rust, Executive Producer

I was fortunate enough to be the producer on our recent video for Vetary. Vetary is a service that provides a way for pet owners to finance their pet care.

It was a great project to work on and it brought its own challenges, like every project does. Since Vetary is for pet owners and pets, we knew we would be dealing with at least one four-legged friend who doesn’t speak our language. That was the major variable on this project. Our previous experiences filming with animals have been frustrating and very time-consuming, so I was determined to track down an option that wouldn’t have me pulling my hair out on set. I was able to get in contact with Innovative K9 Academy and they put me in touch with the owner of a great little Boston Terrier, Zoey. We could not have found a better dog to cast for this project. Zoey was so well-trained and had just the right look with her black and white hair and big eyes to go along with a very upbeat personality. Although this was her first time on set, she was a true pro and my hair stayed intact.


Vetary is a young company from San Francisco so this gave us an opportunity to work with an out-of-state client. There were a lot of phone calls, video chats, emails and shared files that took place leading up to filming. We work a lot with young companies, which means websites, branding, style guides, messaging and so forth are not always completely fleshed out and set in stone. It was no different with Vetary, but they were great in always providing organized feedback. At times they designed and created assets that we needed to continue with pre or post-production.

Vetary’s Co-founder flew into town for our filming day and it was fun to have him around. While on set I told him how excited I was that he was able to be here to see everything that goes into the making of a video. He took it even a step further and told me how gratifying it was to see the shoot finally happening as he thought back to a few years prior when he purchased the URL and began the process of building the business.


It was a special moment to know we were playing a critical role in helping this company launch their product and helping a businessman reach a milestone in his entrepreneurial venture.

Things couldn’t have gone better with the production of Vetary. We had a great set built which included printing a picture we captured to use as a backdrop so we could avoid green screening the window. It made all the difference as far as enhancing the set.

Our set designer Jen did a great job (as always) at making it look like a vet’s exam room. Jack, our director, nailed it in making sure his vision was captured. We worked with talented actors, both two-legged and four-legged. And James, our DP, made the whole thing look beautiful through the eyes of the camera.

There are a lot of people not mentioned by name who made this project great. It is a pleasure working with so many talented people who come together to sprinkle some of their special sauce into the pot and create a masterpiece. A genuine fist-bump from me as producer to everyone involved. Time to start on the next masterpiece!