The Role of Motion Graphics 

 Video is an important part of advertising today, which is why production companies are seeing a need to get more innovative when it comes to reaching digital audiences. While video may be the most effective way to reach a specific consumer base, you shouldn’t just use one form of video, rather branch out and experiment with different styles. Production companies are experts when it comes to video, which is why they can help your brand by using a variety of different video styles. 

Today, we’re going to be covering a very unique style of visual content, one that strays a little bit away from traditional videos. Motion graphics are becoming more and more popular, and they Are a great way to get your message across in style without sacrificing valuable information. Here is the role motion graphics play in the world of digital advertising. 

What are Motion Graphics? 

To put it simply, motion graphics are animated data; they help express important ideas, statistics, information, and help create awareness about a specific topic, product or service. When it comes to motion graphics, because there is only text and digitally produced graphics, accurate data is the most important piece in a successful motion graphic.  

 How Motion Graphics are Made 

Motion graphics are usually built form the ground up, which is why storyboarding is a crucial step in creating a successful graphic. Most production companies use professional grade software such as Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion to create motion graphics.  

Why Motion Graphics? 

 To consumers, these graphics are generally more appealing than static content (which is why more production companies are beginning to use more motion graphics). Another reason these graphics are so popular amongst production companies and consumers alike is because they aesthetic appeal, level of professional skill it takes, and its simplicity.  

 An animator will usually use one of two methods for creating their videos. The first is making the animation from scratch. This is more time consuming, but it can lead to more creative possibilities. Other animators will begin with a flat, static graphic and animate if from there. 

 Motion graphics are a crucial part of the digital advertising agency, and if you have the right person for the job, you’re going to be able to tell your brands story in an extremely appealing way.