The Postman was our first 24 hour film entry. We won first place, of course. Did you ever doubt us? We filmed, edited, and scored this short in a measly day while including two random props as proof. Our goal was to create a project that represents what we love most about film making. You’ll see a cameo or two from the Big Door crew if you keep your eyes open. (Special thanks to the extraterrestrial forces that helped make this possible…we couldn’t have won without you.)

Producer: James Rust
Director: Zane O’Gwin
Director of Photography: James Terry
Scriptwriter/Screenwriter: Daxson Hale
Audio Engineer: Jack Mergist
Composer: Jack Mergist
Editor: Daxson Hale
The Postman: Jack Mergist
Other actors: Bri Borup, Zane O’Gwin, Paul Hughes