The Importance of Special Effects Teams

In the world of film production, special effects are used in spectacular ways in video projects from small short-films to Hollywood blockbusters. Whether it’s a simple touch up in makeup or making a prop look a certain way, special effects help simulate reality by precise artistic design.

To understand why a special effects team is so important when it comes to film production, you need to know what exactly special effects are; a lot of times they are confused with visual effects. Visual effects are digitally added into a production in post-production through advanced film production software. Special effects, on the other hand, are referred to as “practical” effects. Real props and makeup work are examples of added special effects.  The special effect teams will make sure that props are in order and that any cast members that need makeup are taken care of.

Here are a couple reasons why special effects are so critical in any video or film production.

They Entertain Your Audience

 While actors may be the center of attention in film production, special effects are one of the most effective ways to give your audience the visual and emotional enhancement they need to believe the production is realistic. You can’t just dress up a few cast members and stick them in front of the camera and hope that it’s enough for your viewers. Of course, a few simple scenes are fine, but depending on the purpose of the production, the special effects team to make sure that everything in the shoot appears to be in place.

Special Effects Help Complement Visual Effects

Your editors and visual effects team can create spectacular visual effects, but without the help of a special effects team, these visual effects are useless.  The practical use of special effects complements visual effects in a way that nothing in out of place—it create a dynamic that makes the entire production fit properly instead of looking fake.

A good mix of special effects and visual effects can make a film production stand out and really captivate an audience, but you have to have the right teams in place to make sure that everything is done professionally and in style. If you’re in need of a special effect team for your next film production, contact the professionals here at Big Door Studios. We’re experts when it comes to film production, and we want to help your next project succeed.