The Importance of Investing in Good Lenses

There’s nothing quite like picking up a fancy new camera, after all, these are some of the most important tools that video production companies rely However, there is something that video production companies value just a little more than their cameras—the piece that attaches to the end of the camera.

What these video production companies value most are good camera lenses. While a proper camera is essential in video production, ultimately, you’re going to be relying on your camera’s lens to give you solid shots. Here are the main reasons that you should invest in good camera lenses before you go out and buy a brand-new camera.

The Lens Impacts the Scene

 While a camera will give you fast burst rates, a lens will control your background blur, depth of field and sharpness. When it comes to what your audience is going to be seeing, your lens is going to be the most influential factor on how your production turns out. If you’re wanting to create something beautiful and interesting, a proper camera lens is going to be your best investment.

Video production companies focus on using the best lenses for every scenario, so it’s important for you to do the same.


 Some cameras come with stock lenses, but if you’re planning on using the same lens kit for a brand-new camera, you might be out of luck. Some cameras require different lenses due to the nature of their shape. If you invest in a new lens, you can actually save money! Newer lenses can often fit more body styles, and if you decide to upgrade the body later anyway, you’ll spend less on the body than you would on another lens.

Lenses Life Longevity

 Video production companies are constantly upgrading their equipment in order to create the finest productions, but camera lenses are one of the very few pieces of equipment that can be used throughout an extended period of time without having to constantly upgrade.

So long as you know how to take care of your lenses, you can find yourself saving tons of money, because everyone knows that lenses aren’t cheap.

Ultimately, your scene is going to greatly benefit from a high-quality lens. If you’re looking to create some high-quality shots, never underestimate how much a proper lens can help.