The Importance of Audio Mixing

Individuals involved in video or film production understand that there is no undervaluing the importance of audio in a video. Sound engineers, Foley artists, boom operators and sound editors are all positions that deal with audio in video productions. Taking away just one position can significantly reduce the quality of the video, and while half of the listed positions entail capturing actual sound bites, it is crucial to then mix the audio so that the video comes out properly and in sync.

The process of editing audio is not as simple as just overlaying the audio to the video track, but it takes so much more work.

One of the most underrecognized aspects of audio mixing is reducing background noise. Just because video production companies use top-of-the-line microphones and cameras doesn’t mean that they automatically are able to extract all the room and background noise. Sound editors have to go into their video editing software and reduce the sound manually sometimes without distorting anything else.

In other circumstances, there is not enough noise or the noise that is captured needs more filler sounds. Whether it is the sound of a busy street or the wind blowing throw the trees, a lot of the times these white noise sound effects are added to the video in post-production. Further, even with boom operators in place, the sound of wet boots walking across a tile floor, a glass being set on the counter, or a keychain jingling after being pulled out of a car’s ignition, all might need to be produced in a separate recording studio.

While there are special recording studios where professional Foley Artists replicate noise from a video, there are other recording studios to house full orchestras or small bands to help create a soundtrack for the video. Whatever the need may be, there is a lot of additional sounds that must be generated after the shot has been made and the microphone is put down.

Once all the audio is created, editors have to shrink down the audio track and align it to the right time of the video. Audio mixing in video productions is not just editing the audio from the camera, but splicing, cutting, creating and aligning all the right sounds by separating each segment and adding them individually. Without proper audio mixing, everything in the video feels off and the final product comes out poor.

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