The Different Styles of Commercial Videos

In the world of video production, there are a lot of different styles of videos. Depending on the purpose of the video, the style will change significantly. In our society today, companies are releasing one to five minute videos on their social media channels and home pages all the time. Typically, these videos are explainer videos and show off their product, company, and level of professionalism; your video says a lot about your company.

So, what kind of options are out there and what should you go with?

As you prepare to create a video for your company, there is likely a vision behind the idea—what do you see? Is there a visible narrator navigating throughout the video? Is it full of moving texts or motion graphics? Is it an audio narration with sketches that develop as time passes? Or, are you at a complete loss? This is where a video production company can help you.

Below is a short list of the different kinds of videos you might like to consider.

Whiteboard – As video productions have developed over time, one of the most visually pleasing videos are whiteboard videos. These videos are where drawings on a whiteboard come to life while someone narrates. Education departments and financial companies often turn to these videos to explain a process; other companies use it for how-to tutorials.

Screencast – Another basic how-to video is screencast videos. Essentially, these videos capture a computer or phone screen over the duration in which an individual explains how to do something on your computer or phone.

 Cartoon – These animation-filled videos provide creators and viewers the ability to expand imagination by doing things you cannot do in live-action videos; the tone is usually light and has a sense of upbeat fun to it.

Motion Graphics – One of the most popular options companies are turning to right now are motion graphics videos. They are a sleek and clean way to share a message with crisp objects and texts that often move.

Typography (Kinetic) – Videos that display an ongoing reel of text are considered kinetic typography, or text-based videos. While it may sound boring, these video productions can be quite entertaining.  

 Stop-motion – One of the more magical looking videos are stop-motion videos. In these videos, objects appear in one place and the next second they are replaced by another. While the video style creates a sense of simplicity, the video production side of things is not (aspects of stop-motion can be implemented into other styles of videos).

Live-action – The other commercial or professional videos you are accustomed to seeing produced by other companies are likely live-action videos. These videos have real people in the videos explaining a product or sharing some kind of message in an entertaining or moving way.

Track Elements – This style of video is just another live-action video, but with added graphics or other digital edits throughout the video. The purpose of these is to display a graphic or demonstration to the side of what is taking place in the live-action for more clarity.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these styles of videos. At Big Door, you will find that we produce a lot of live-action videos while incorporating stop-motion or track elements. If you have any video production request or question, contact us today.