The Difference Between Hollywood and Commercial Productions

For years, Hollywood movie production companies have created some thrilling and engaging films that keep us glued to the screen, and video production teams that create commercials have enticed viewers to buy a specific product through a short advertisement on TV. The two team relate with their ability to captivate viewers, but they do have a different that most people may not understand. Below are some commonly known and some more uncommonly known components that distinguish why the two productions differ.


Hollywood is known for its big budget movies, and because of the sophistication in setup to create a dynamic visual feel, film production companies in Hollywood spend more than $100 million, including production and distribution costs. Commercial video production companies spend between $900-$30,000 depending on how long the commercial takes. Most of them usurp a few seconds as compared to an hour-and-a-half movie.


Hollywood movie companies are often keen on utilizing the most capable and sophisticated software in the cutting room. The software used vary depending on what a company prefers. A great example is Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro. Video production firms use high-quality software that enables users to do some fascinating things, but maybe not to the same extent that a Hollywood film might. For example, there are multiple levels and many different programs to make a Hollywood CGI scene look right. Commercial video production companies do not necessarily need to go into the depth that Hollywood might with their software.


Films are produced for different purposes: to educate, to articulate emotions, to entertain, or to inspire. But the bottom line is that most film lovers watch movies because they entertain. The video production companies whose commercials we see on TV or the internet are produced in short video formats and are meant to grab attention of the viewer, educate them about a brand or product, and sometimes to push viewers to buy the company’s product(s). It is one of the most effective ways of drawing potential consumers.


Film production companies often use elaborate and complicated equipment to replicate intense action scenes or to supplement video effects; commercials do not typically need explosions or bodies being thrown across a room. While it may be common to believe that Hollywood film production teams must have more ability, but production companies that simply create commercials have just as much ability to create anything as long as it falls under the falls under the budget of their client.  However, typically, a Hollywood film set will have more equipment on hand because of their big budget and unique scene sequences.

Whether you’re interested in movies or can’t wait for the next commercial to pop up, understanding the above factors that differentiate movies and commercials will enable you to appreciate them even more.