The Best Length for a TV Commercial

The debate about the best length for a TV commercial is common among advertisers. The length of an ad is centered on the laurels of the economy and effective brand awareness. In the 1950s, television commercials all ran for a solid 60 seconds. With media inflation in the 1970s, the length of the adverts was reduced to 30 seconds, and then 15 seconds, which is now the standard duration for cheaper commercials.

The best length for a TV commercial varies according to the message the advert intends to send to the audience. Film production companies understand that the best length for any commercial is long enough to engage the memory of the audience, which will culminate to brand awareness. Despite its length, the commercial should capture the semantic, episodic, and procedural aspects of the human mind to ensure that the message is communicated effectively.

Video production companies recommend a series of three 15-second long ads as a practical approach to not only convey the message but also consider the cost implications for the client. The approach taps into the memory of the audience in the three aspects, which makes it a viable option. The variety also gives the company that runs the advertisement the ability to really display who they are.

A 60-second commercial often feels long to the audiences who might lose focus and interest. Film production companies understand that around the 45-second mark viewers might start losing interest, but quality production companies know what it takes to keep viewers engaged in the brand message. The World Advertising Research Centre recommends 30-second commercials—the length provides companies the ability to fulfill good branding in that amount of time.

Whether it’s three 15-second commercials, a 30-second commercial, or a 60-second commercial, the advertisement should not be sped up or trimmed to fit the timeline. The commercial should have a natural flow that is appealing for the audience to stop and concentrate on its contents. It should also be long enough to capture the attention of the audience, communicate with the intended message, and keep the audience engaged. Additionally, the ad should feature brand relevance and trigger a response from the audience for the best customer recall.

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