Social Media Platform Facts About Videos

 Clients all request different things for their videos, and social media platforms also call for different video styles. Each video production must cater to the needs of the platform and the client requests which leaves video production companies needed to understand everything about the various social media platforms. 

Below are a few stats, facts, and tips about videos for the four most come social media platforms. 


 Brands on Facebook have been taking advantage of video marketing in abundance recently, so more and more Facebook users are starting to see videos all over their timelines. Around the world, more than eight billion videos are watched on Facebook, and videos now get 135 percent more organic reach than photos! But what makes a successful Facebook video? Well, the first thing you should do is make sure that you’re uploading your videos directly to Facebook and not just sharing them from YouTube.  

Studies have shown that native videos get 109 percent higher interaction rates than YouTube videos, as well as 477 percent more share rates. Another important tip is to target a preferred audience. Facebook has a cool tool that lets you target relevant audiences and block out audiences that may not be interested in your videos. This helps your engagement rates stay positive and accurate. 


 The platform most popular for photo sharing is now starting to see more and more videos every day. Instagram is the most visual platform out there, making it a crucial marketing tool. Videos on Instagram should be short, simple, informative, and eye-catching all at the same time. The best way to achieve this is by using more animation in your videos. Video production companies often have in-house design teams that can create stunning visual content, which helps put their client’s ahead of the competition. 


Twitter’s simple design has made it the place to go to see anything from news to funny videos, and this platform is definitely more popular amongst younger demographics. If you’re trying to reach your target audience on Twitter, make sure that you always include your brand logo. Consumers are more likely to try a product or service by nine percent when they see the brand’s logo, so don’t pass this up! 

Just like Facebook, it’s important that you aren’t simply sharing a video to Twitter, but that you’re uploading it directly to the platform. Videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than photos, so you have to take advantage of this platform. 


When it comes to video production, there is no platform that tops YouTube. As the world’s biggest video sharing platform, companies understand that utilizing YouTube is a must; this platform is where you’re going to have the most engagement if you play your cards right. If you want to thrive on this platform, you should focus on creating how-to style videos or tutorials. These are some of the most commonly watched videos on YouTube. You should also crosslink your videos, which simply means adding a link to your other videos within the video. 

Video production is all about creating fresh and engaging content for every project. So, if you’re looking to thrive on social media, make sure that you keep these stats, facts, and tips into your consideration.