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Director: Jack Mergist
Producer: James Rust
Assistant Producer: Nicole Sheahan
Director of Photography: James Terry
Writer: Daxson Hale
Concept by: Jack Mergist, Jared Gay, Daxson Hale
Production Design: Jen Paul
Makeup: Juliette Lewis
Makeup Assistant: Shelby Renshaw
Costume Design: Juliette Lewis
Costume Assistant: Kirsten Watkins
1st AC: D’Aaron Gonzalez
Gaffer: Tom Schleiffarth
Grip: Brad Hill
Recordist: Keith Baskett
Editor: Jack Mergist
Colorist: James Terry
Illustrations: Jake Kongaika
Motion Graphics: Jared Gay
Sound Design: Jack Mergist
Post Audio: Jack Mergist
Behind the Scenes: Jared Gay
Production Assistant: Brock Arnold, Bart Graser
Mama/Papa Sasquatch: Noah Kershisnik
Junior: Lee Liston

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Jen Paul: Production Design

For this project we needed to create a Sasquatch home. Deciding what this set would look like took a lot of brainstorming.

I’ve never seen a Sasquatch home, and I don’t know of one that has been created before.
What should a Sasquatch home look like?

We knew this family was very human-like. They even own a nice mattress! But they were still wild animals that live in the woods. So we decided their home would consist of things created out of items found in the forest, salvaged items from an abandoned cabin, and stolen items from campsites. These were very smart and resourceful Sasquatches.

One thing that was hard about creating this set was I couldn’t just go out and buy the things we needed. The items needed to look like they were found in the woods or created from things found in the woods. So I spent a lot of time at second-hand stores, searching for just the right pieces. The good thing about shopping at these second-hand stores was that it was easier to stay on budget.

We were at a beautiful location up in the mountains. But because we were filming in the fall, there wasn’t as much greenery as we had hoped. To fix this problem we rented a bunch of plants from a local nursery (yes you can rent plants) and added them to each shot. We had to keep the extra plants covered at night, so they wouldn’t freeze and die.

My favorite pieces from this set were the beds made from salvaged wood. I loved the way they turned out, especially junior’s bed. We didn’t construct the beds until we got to the location on the first day of shooting, so I was a little nervous about how they would turn out. But I think they were perfect.

I’m really happy with the overall design and how it came together. It was a lot of fun.

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