Here at Big Door we pride ourselves on a few things; these are elements we try to instill in every project we take on.

We need to know your brand thoroughly in order to sell your products. We’re the video experts, but you’re the expert on your product. We do extensive research on our end to make sure we’ve understood your brand and your presentation, but we will also work with you every step of the way to make sure we’re capturing your product and presenting it in a way that will turn into sales and revenue for you. We haven’t succeeded if you haven’t succeeded.

We value the process. We’re going to spend a lot of time with you brainstorming, coming up with concepts, locking in perfect jokes and pitches and refined scripts. You can be as much of a part of this process as you wish to be. We want to make your dream video.

We value creativity, art, and beauty. In order to sell amazing products, we need to present them beautifully. We pull inspiration from our cinematic idols, as well as from incredible design and marketing work from the history of advertising. We’re filmmakers, we’re musicians, we’re writers, and we’re as passionate about our craft as you are about yours. Together, we’ll make marketable videos with stunning imagery, original music, and memorable, relatable characters in order to establish your brand, sell your product, and make your company stand out.

That’s why we do video.