Musician’s Toolkit is the most current resource for music educators. Packed with online videos to help you at home or in your classroom. Whether you’re a full-time high school teacher or a stay-at-home parent homeschooling your children, Musician’s Toolkit provides a range of video content from instrument lessons to celebrity interviews that keep you totally fresh and current for your students.

Our team of creatives gladly reunited to produce another product video for Musician’s Toolkit. With Musician’s Toolkit being further down the branding tube than they were on our first set, we were held to specific inclusions such as sharp motion graphics, explainers, and call to actions. Being able to work with brands who already know who they are feels a whole lot like winning the world series.

Watch Musician’s Toolkit’s first product video here. Check out the future of music education at

Producer: James Rust
Director: Jack Mergist
Director of Photography: James Terry
Scriptwriter/Screenwriter: Daxson Hale
Audio Engineer: Jack Mergist
Recordists: Jack Mergist, Daxson Hale, James Rust
Editor: Daxson Hale
Motion Graphics: Jack Mergist
VFX: Daxson Hale
Band Teacher: Zane O’Gwin
PA: John Allred