Buy and sell your stuff on mobile. Safely. Easily. All communication between parties happens securely in the app. You can rest assured that you’re seeing real items, owned by real people who live in your community. The app suggests designated exchange locations that are well-lit and geographically convenient.

We couldn’t have been more pumped to work with Flip.  Having used the app personally, we knew that we were working with a reliable, game changing team. Flip’s beautiful design aided in the development of our video, allowing us to use stunning motion graphics and vivid colors to relay how leading edge Flip’s platform is.  Check out Flip in the app store below.

Download Flip at:

Producer: James Rust
Director: Zane O’Gwin
Director of Photography: James Terry
Scriptwriter/Screenwriter: Daxson Hale
Audio Engineer: Jack Mergist
Recordists: Jack Mergist
Editor: Daxson Hale
Colorist: James Terry
Motion Graphics: Daxson Hale
Graphic Designer: Jake Kongaika, Daxson Hale
Sound Design: Daxson Hale, Jack Mergist
Makeup: Christine Hale
Old Woman: Barbara Roundy
Skier: Jack Mergist
Green Suit Girl: Emily Culp
Russian: Ben Hopkin