Creating Your Videos for Different Demographics

Videos have a way of connecting with audiences. Today, digital media is a legitimate way to reach consumers and with the help of a talented video production team, the results you’ll see may surprise you. While video is one of the most effective ways of reaching an audience, it’s important to note that different demographics respond differently to different video styles. A video that can effectively influence a millennial audience may not necessarily be that appealing to an older audience, and vice versa.

When it comes to creating videos that your audience will engage with, how do you make sure that your target demographic will react positively to your content? If you’re not sure on how to create videos to target various demographics, we, a professional video production company, have some tips that might help you to create successful video ads.

Millennial Audiences

Millennial audiences tend to consume most of their media through the power of the Internet—more specifically, through the internet. When it comes to creating video content for millennials, your best bet is to rely on short videos on various social channels like Instagram and Twitter. The content that millennial audiences tend to respond to the best focus on up-to-date entertainment, technology and sports. Research has shown that most millennials are watching these three categories more than anything else, so creating your content based around these topics is the best way to reach them.

Gen X Audiences

Gen X audiences aren’t that far off from millennials when it comes to media consumption through technology. Gen x audiences still heavily rely on computers as well as smart phones, though they also watch a little bit more TV than millennials. As for what the Gen X audience is watching, you’re going to want to base your content around entertainment, healthy living and world news. As you can see, entertainment is still the number one category with Gen X audiences, but they aren’t as invested in the latest technology like millennials are.

Baby Boomers

Not very keen on the latest smartphone or computer, baby boomers tend to watch even more television than the other two demographics, so traditional TV ads are going to be your best bet when it comes to reaching this group. A video production company can help your brand shoot something that can be put on regular cable commercials. Baby boomers are still set on entertainment as their first form of media consumption, however world news and politics take the places of sports, technology and healthy living, as opposed to the other two groups.

Generation Z

 Generation Z audiences are the youngest consumers today, so you’re going to rely more on platforms like Instagram and YouTube for your content. As far as what devices they’re using the most, smartphones are going to be at the top of the list, uncontested. Gen Z audiences tend to consume more technology and entertainment content, so focus your content around those two topics.

Reaching audiences is more than just putting out a fancy video, you have to make sure that you use content that is appealing to a certain group and that you’re running it on the appropriate platforms. If you need help targeting a specific audience, contact the professionals at Big Door Video Production. We’re happy to help your brand reach new heights