Few things get us more excited about a project than a mix of motion graphics and video. Watch our product video for Capshare above. Please email us at [email protected] or call 801.214.1612 for any inquiries.

Director: Zane O’Gwin & Jack Mergist
Producer: James Rust
Director of Photography: James Terry
Writer: Daxson Hale
Concept by: Jack Mergist, Zane O’Gwin, Daxson Hale
Script Supervisor: Daxson Hale
Recordist: Jared Gay
Editor: Daxson Hale
Graphic Design: Jake Kongaika
Motion Graphics: Jared Gay, James Terry
VFX: Daxson Hale
Music By: Jack Mergist
Sound Design: Jack Mergist
Production Design: Jennifer Paul & Christine Hale
Hair/Makeup/Costume Design: Juliette Mergist
Production Assistant: D’Aaron Gonzalez
June: Claire Von Nieda
Lisa: Meghan Bean
John: Daxson Hale
Trevor: Jack Mergist