Q. What is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is an online, global community that surfaces up-and-coming tech products. It’s a must-read website for those in the tech and startup space. You can discover new products and “upvote” your favorites. There are Product Hunt “hunters” all over the world who hunt for their favorite products, and those products get featured on the Product Hunt homepage or in their newsletter (a great way to garner some attention from around the world). It’s an invite-only community, which allows the products and comments to be curated.

Q. What is a Product Hunt meetup?

Product Hunt meetups happen all over the world – Turkey, Australia, Ukraine, LA, India, Poland, Ireland, Toronto, Hong Kong, Texas, Canada, Egypt and beyond. Big Door partners with Product Hunt to organize these meetups in Utah. We bring startups and tech lovers together in a tradeshow format. At each meetup, we feature 8-10 tech products that are on the rise, usually of varying stages. Founders of companies set up their product or service in an interactive, hands-on way. People come around, try out the products, talk with the founders and give feedback (while eating pizza, Nutella-filled churros or something delicious provided by our amazing sponsors).

We’ve intentionally created these meetups to bring a fresh twist to the idea of a tradeshow and a networking event. There’s no formal presentation (except at our Product Hunt Anniversary events), so your time here will be well spent in connecting with other entrepreneurs. You can come by during your lunch hour, try out some innovative products in person, and leave with new connections in the entrepreneurial community. Companies come away with helpful feedback and connections, potential end users, and warm fuzzies knowing they’ve contributed to the entrepreneurial community.

Q. Why should I attend?

Product Hunt meetups are a must-attend for those in the tech and startup space. The people who attend are generally very well connected. We have themed meetups, so if you’re an outdoor gear enthusiast or have a virtual reality obsession, keep an eye out for those themes. It’s free to attend and free to be featured.

Q. Doesn’t Big Door make commercials? Why do you organize Product Hunt meetups?

You’re correct—here at Big Door, we make commercials. We’re also extremely passionate about the entrepreneurial community. We make a lot of commercials for startups who are funded or a little further along. We organize Product Hunt meetups to build and bring the entrepreneurial community together.

Q. When is Product Hunt?

There is a Product Hunt meetup in Utah every other month. The location alternates between Silicon Slopes HQ in Lehi, and Church & State in SLC. Check our FB event for the latest details here.

Q. I work at a startup. How do I get my company featured?

Each Product Hunt is organized around a theme. We try to alternate through many different themes in order to showcase a wide variety of tech throughout the year, and try to make sure there is a variety of products within each theme. If you’re interested in being featured at a future Product Hunt, or if you have any other questions, contact [email protected].

Q. I’m a tech enthusiast. How do I register?

You can find a place to register for your tickets via one of three ways:

  • Check the Big Door “News” section for the most recent Product Hunt post. These will have an embedded Eventbrite registration right in the post.
  • Get periodic updates on events via newsletter–sign up for the Product Hunt newsletter HERE!
  • Mark “going” on our Product Hunt Facebook event. This page is updated for each event with new details.

Q. What if my company wants to sponsor a meetup?

Our meetups are sponsored by various companies each month. We love working with new sponsors, so feel free to email [email protected] if you’re interested in sponsoring a meetup.

We’re excited to see you at our next meetup!

Themes we’ve covered in the past or are planning to cover in the future:

  • Apps
  • Smart Home Tech
  • Outdoor Gear
  • Health & Wellness
  • Wearables
  • Virtual Reality
  • Retail
  • Home Goods

A handful of the companies that have been featured in the past:

  • Chatbooks
  • Homie
  • Day One
  • Purple
  • Qzzr
  • Instafire
  • PhoneSoap
  • Rentler
  • Prepear