Big Door’s Purpose

What are you looking for in a video production company? 

With all the complexities that come with a video, there is still probably just one thing that you need—A VIDEO itself.

That is EXACTLY why we exist; Big Door does video.

Our whole purpose focuses on that one thing non-video production companies cannot do, making videos that represent you and your product. While the standard of a shareable video in today’s society could be as base as a quick shot of a man driving a motorized bike with a goat holding onto his back—yes, that is what we saw today before we wrote this—we hold ourselves to a much higher standard. It may seem simple enough to make a video in-house or hire your friend that shoots weddings, but a video production company like Big Door will give you so much more.

No matter the scale or subject, we tell engaging stories through high-quality visuals and effective writing. More specifically, we specialize in making explanatory videos that leave long lasting-impressions. With a team of professionals that have a knack for writing witty humor, the vision to inspire any couch-potato stand up, and an editing crew that is as particular as a graduate English professor, we understand what it takes to make a memorable video. 

Video production companies may all follow the same process of pre-production, production and post-production, but the process and abilities are not enough to guarantee the video you need.

 A core element to creating a quality video for a client is the ability to understand and reflect their message or product, therefore, it is only natural that we hold the expectation to perform in-depth research in order to understand the brand we will represent. Overall, we do not feel successful if you are not successful—this is why we enjoy working with you hand-in-hand.

It is probably not much of a stretch to assume that all video production companies want to deliver professional content, but we stress true creativity, art and beauty at Big Door. If your product is not surrounded by the same level of quality props, video and audio effects, then the video will only do a disservice to it, so we pull out the red carpet…and then use it. Your product is your baby and our videos are no different—we want the best result for it because, in a way, it becomes our product, digitally.

Big Door is a video production company that does video. We understand all aspects of video producing and will do everything needed to hit all the components you need. Telling you all of this through a short article is one thing, but showing you is another entirely. So don’t wait, go to right now and see for yourself.